Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Logitech Harmony Hub

Ok, the easiest step to get you started on home automation is to get a harmony hub. This will take care of controlling whatever you can control using infrared remote control
This harmony hub cost me US$104 including Amazon shipping direct to Singapore. The remote controller is optional, which I dont need it at this point of time. The harmony hub comes with an additional IR blaster, which comes in handy if you need to control those equipment in the enclosed TV cabinet.
Setting it up is very straight forward and I shall skip that technical part. This harmony hub powered by a USB socket from my WIFI router, works surprisingly well. Once done, the equipments can now be controlled via Google Home through the IFTTT. I spent a good 3 hours to get the following equipments working for the voice controlled. - Starhub TV box - Samsung TV - Xiaomi TV box - Haiku fan - Mitsubishi air-conditioner

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